Chicago Bungalow DIY Projects

New year, new bungalow mystery.

I began a simple project on New Year’s Eve. Ok, I began what I THOUGHT was a simple project on New Year’s Eve. Having refinished the hardwood floors and patched and painted the plaster walls in the living room and dining room less than two years ago, the final project to finish these two rooms […]

Chicago Bungalow DIY Projects Landscaping and Gardening

Project Landscaping: The Before

I’ve never attempted to landscape anything in my life. In the (almost) two years we’ve lived in the bungalow, we have only ever touched the yard with contempt (“This grass isn’t going to mow itself!”) and every year we make plans to “do something” and never follow through. It could be argued that “do something” […]

Bungalow Tours Chicago Bungalow

Tour the Bungalow: The Before

The original MLS photos for the Bungalow…

Chicago Bungalow

Welcome to the Bungalow!

The end of my summer in 2016 was spent rushing from property to property in the city of Chicago, trying to beat out developers who were paying cash for properties in the hopes of becoming the proud owners of a single family home. Condo-life in Edgewater was wearing thin, and my husband and I needed more space than our one bedroom and living/dining/kitchen open floor plan could provide. But if I’m being really honest