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A magical Portage Park bungalow with historic details and a surprise

I’ve got to be honest… I’ve walked by this bungalow for over a year and always wondered what it looked like inside.

When I realized that Karin contacted me and this was her home, I annoyed my husband for days about how excited I was to take a peek inside. I knew this bungalow was going to be special… the windows, the yard, everything about this home spoke to me.

And then I stepped inside…

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How to find a Chicago neighborhood that suits your needs

Want to move to Chicago, but don’t know where to start? Here is our journey from the Chicagoland suburbs to the neighborhoods of the city…

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Calling all Chicago Bungalow Dwellers!

I launched this blog with a vision… and not even a really noble vision…

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How the CBA is fighting to #StopThePop

One of the big selling points when we purchased our bungalow in 2016 was the completely bare and unfinished…

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If I can garden, you can garden…

Gardening and landscaping is a daunting task… especially if you don’t even know where to start! Plants are my big hang-up because…