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Kitchen floor project | Part III

Just my latest lesson in “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet” especially when it comes to floor finishes. Well, ok, maybe they were right about the slippery part…

Chicago Bungalow Maintenance

The great (quarantine) roofing project of 2020

It’s Day 46 of our Covid-19 quarantine…time for a new roof!

Maintenance Masonry and Stone Workshops

Historic Mortar 101

The winter months are a great time to plan outdoor projects and home maintenance. If you’re curious (or terrified) about historic mortar, this post is for you.

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The 2019 Bungalow gift guide

A gift guide for all the Chicago Bungalowners and Bungalovers on your list this holiday season… hey, maybe that’s you!

Chicago Bungalow history

Tips for researching your home

There are a couple of different reasons to research your home. Most people want to know the history of their house or confirm when it was built. For me, I began researching my home to better understand the materials in it and how to maintain them.

Chicago Bungalow Wood floors

Kitchen floor project | Part II

Part II of my floor kitchen floor restoration project and shellac-advocacy PSA.